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Mismatched VMware build numbers

We recently heard from a customer:

“I went ahead and installed vCenter 5.1.0b (all components were upgraded, SSO, Inventory Service, vCenter and Web Client). When I launched vCenter and check its build number it doesn’t show the same build number that is on the ISO file name.  The ISO file name had a build number of 947939 but vCenter shows Build 947673.  Is that right? If so, why the mismatch?”

This is due to our package build methodology.

All builds generated in our internal build server come with a unique build number. For instance, VPX is a key product build generated through our internal build server, where all Virtual Center related changes are included. Then, VIMISO gets generated, but it does so by packing multiple components like VPX,SSO,NGC,VIC, VCO and others so VIMISO comes with it’s own unique number that applies to all of the included components.

When we connect NGC/VIC to Virtual Center Server, its displays the VPX Build number whereas the file name shows the VIMISO build number.

Now that we know why this occurs, to look at the numbers you really should be concerned with, refer to KB article: Correlating vCenter Server and ESXi/ESX host build numbers to update levels (1014508).

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  1. Florian Grehl

    I maintain a list of VMware build numbers because of this mismatch. You can find it here:

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