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Normally when you see posts from me on this blog I am sharing our latest KBTV video production. Well, I will still be doing that, so no change on that front, however, I will be starting something new next week.

Next week will see the birth of a new series of posts entitled The Inside Scoop. In this series I will be acting as somewhat of a “journalist” wherein I will be meeting with several of our front-line Technical Support staff and interviewing them. The purpose is to to bring you some great insights and topical based information concerning our products straight from the very people who help many of you on a weekly basis through our Technical Support community.

Who best to offer you advise and tell you the DOs and DONTs of our products than the people who spend their entire day researching, investigating, analyzing and fixing the technical issues with our products. Oh, and our guests will surely point out some of our best Knowledgebase content too.

Over the coming weeks expect to see topics such as:

  • Top tips for troubleshooting SSO related issues
  • Must-have resources for troubleshooting vSphere related issues
  • Database maintenance tips
  • Common configuration mistakes our Desktop product users are making
  • Troubleshooting failed ThinApps
  • And much more

Our first post next week will feature Common configuration mistakes our vCenter Server users are making.

So stay tuned and keep an eye out for these blog posts.