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Help for consumers using VMware Workstation

Here is a list of Hidden Gems you might find handy if you encounter a problem with VMware Workstation. These are Knowledge Base articles that we know many of you are encountering, because our Support Engineers are using them to solve Support Requests, but we thought the rest of you might not be aware these treasures even existed.

  1. Installing VMware Workstation or VMware Tools fails with the error: 1327 or 1606 (1017886)
  2. Starting a virtual machine in Workstation 9.x or Fusion 5.x fails with the error: This virtual machine’s policies are too old to be run by this version of VMware (2034362)
  3. Repairing a virtual disk in Workstation (2019259)
  4. Updating VMware Tools fails with the error: Update Tools failed. Edit the virtual machine’s vmx file (2007298)
  5. Cleaning up after an incomplete uninstallation on a Windows host (1308)
  6. Installing Windows 8 as a guest operating system in Workstation 9.x (2033640)
  7. Troubleshooting an MSI error during a VMware product or Tools installation (1031302)
  8. Installing VMware Tools in an Ubuntu virtual machine (1022525)
  9. Powering on a virtual machine fails with the error: The VMware Authorization Service is not running (1007131)


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