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Where is the Best Practice Guide for SSO?

We recently received a tweet request from a customer directed at our @vmwarekb account asking:

@VMwareKB Also when can I expect a best practice guide from VMware on SSO?

The answer is, while we don’t have one single document with our best practices for Single Sign On (SSO), we do have 65 and counting KB articles on the subject. That amount of content would not fit nicely if it were crammed into one article! Thinking that more of you may be asking the same question, I present for you a listing of all of our current SSO articles. In the meantime, we’ll keep working hard on providing the content you want.


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  1. To echo Tom’s comments, why is such a bug ridden, half baked, and problematic piece of software released and required for 5.1? Huge fail on VMware’s part. Never deploying 5.1 in production because of these issues. No quality assurance.

  2. Still, I don’t see the best practices… Making simple things complicated and not considering future db server change? VMware is getting worse

  3. i could not agree more! the reason why you have 65 articles is because SSO is a train wreck! This is so unlike VMware to release something so complex, poorly written and worst of all, a requirement. What about customers who have small environments and simple needs? We just want simple authentication via AD the way we have been doing it for years. Why would you force these less complex customers to use something that will leave a horrible taste in their mouth? Why are we executing sql scripts before installing SSO? A good installer will create the sql db for you. In my eyes VMware was untouchable in their innovation, architecture, simplicity. But with SSO it has destroyed my image of them.

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