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My VMware Improvements

VMware will be adding new features and functionality to My VMware very soon. These enhancements are the direct result of feedback and requests from customers. Read on for highlights of the new features.

Right Click

We will be adding “right click” menus to the folder list in the Licensing area of My VMware.  You can access these menus by either right clicking anywhere in the folder line space or by clicking on the down arrow button that shows up on hover. These menus are intended to streamline access to frequent tasks such as adding a user to a folder, creating a sub-folder, renaming a folder, and moving a folder. Future items we will be adding to these menus include: the ability to add a user to a specific folder by giving them access, exporting the licensing information from that folder to a CSV file, and the ability to File a Support Request on a folder.

In addition to the “right click” menus, we are changing our “gear” icons across Licensing, User Permissions and the Enterprise Purchasing Program management feature to have the word “actions” plus a dropdown button. We believe this change will make these menus more visible for customers and improve access to the functions available.

Better Access and Visibility of License Key Notes

We know that customers rely on the notes field to identify specific license keys. Typically, customers will make notations about who the license key was given to, what organization requested it, what internal PO number was used or even for which project or datacenter the key was used for. To date, those notes have been hard to see at a glance since each key record had to be opened to see the note. In our November release we are exposing those notes more visibly so if you open a folder and scroll the list of keys all the available notes are visible. You can also quickly add a note by clicking the “add note” link visible if no note is available on any key.

It’s not enough to make these visible by default; we know that you may need to “filter” on text contained in the notes field. So, we’ve added the ability to filter the current open folder keys by clicking the “filter” button and then entering your desired text string. Click filter and your list of gets narrowed to a list of keys with notes that have that text string.

Providing Context During a Task

We noticed that customers might start dividing, combining or moving a key and get a bit lost in the process. So, we decided to add the product name for the keys that are subject to the action. The intent is to make it clear that you are taking action on a key for a product. If you get distracted by an email or phone call and then come back to pick up where you left off, you’ll know what product you were working with.

Making the Current Account More Visible

Some customers had trouble understanding how to switch between accounts in the manage Licenses user interface. So, we moved what we call the “account selector” to be more front and center. This enables you to know which account is currently selected, and provides more visibility into how to switch between accounts.

More Streamlined Access to Downloading a Product Purchased from our Online Store

Some customers found the journey from “order confirmation” to the right My VMware product download detail page cumbersome. This was mostly an issue for “new customers” (people who didn’t have an existing My VMware account). We’ve improved the movement from the Order Confirmation screen directly to the corresponding product family page. Simply select the version (e.g. platform) of the product you would like and you are directed to the correct page to download your new purchase.


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  1. Hi Michelle
    One change i would like to see is the ability to first choose a license key and THEN choose the desired operation.
    Today you have to go back and forth between “modes” (divide, combine, move) in order to clean up a messy portal.
    I simply find it more intuitive (since it is the licenses that are displayed) to choose a license first and then choose the action.

  2. Hi,

    Great suggestion! We know that customers are interested in what we call “bulk actions” (the ability to see a list of keys, select a range of keys and perform an action) versus the more linear workflow we have today (select action, get a list of keys and take an action).

    We’re working towards getting this type of functionality out sometime in the coming year.

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