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Mac users cannot upload files through the My VMware portal

We have recently been made aware of an issue that may impact our customers’ ability to  upload files through the My VMware portal.

A recent Mac OS release has removed the Java plug-in. The Java plug-in is a requirement to upload files on the My VMware portal. Apple decided to remove the Java plug-in for Mac OS 10.7 and later, as explained in their KB article, About Java for OS X 2012-006 and here. Engadget also covers the story: Apple says no Java for you, removes plugin from browsers on OS X 10.7 and up.

If you are trying to upload files through the portal, you can also use FTP. For more information, see our KB article, Uploading diagnostic information to VMware (1008525), which covers how to collect and upload files. We’ve updated this article to include the latest details for Mac OSX users.