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EPP: Enrollment, Overview, and Fund Management

VMware EPP enables customers to purchase software licenses in volume easily, and to benefit from cost savings in a flexible way. We have created four short videos, shown below, to introduce you to EPP and show you how to get started with it.

This presentation discusses and demonstrates how to use the Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP) Configurator to estimate the number of EPP tokens to purchase.

This presentation discusses and demonstrates the process for enrolling the different VMware Purchasing Programs which include the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) and the Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP). We start with: Enrolling in Enterprise Purchasing Program (2032836)

Here is a demonstration of Viewing Active Funds, Sub-Funds, Expired Funds, and the associated details in Enterprise Purchasing Program (2031488). This video discusses and demonstrates how to find information about an EPP Fund Owner’s active and inactive EPP Funds on the My VMware portal.

Next, we present for you Using the Fund Information view in Enterprise Purchase Program (2032119). This video discusses and demonstrates the action steps that a Fund Owner and Fund User can conduct with an active EPP Fund on the EPP Page of My VMware. Specifically, the video shows how to View Fund Details (create Sub-Funds, assign a new Fund User), Transfer Tokens, Add or Delete Partners and Redeem tokens.

Finally, this presentation Upgrading a license in Enterprise Purchasing Program (2043512) explains the eligibility criteria and the steps required to upgrade a license using EPP tokens. The video shows demonstrations of a full and a partial upgrade.