Greetings KBTV fans!

It’s been about two weeks since our last video post and there are several reasons for the lack of fresh content. Firstly there was VMworld Europe 2012 which took place last week in Barcelona and secondly I was away on vacation. Yes, you read correct, VMware do actually allow me to take vacation from time to time :-).

So, apologies for the lack of fresh video goodies but I am back now so we can start again with our weekly serving of new video tutorial uploads for your viewing pleasure.

To kick things off, here is a new vSphere 5.1 related video whereby we demonstrate enabling the vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check in vSphere 5.1 using the vSphere Web Client. Specifically, in this video you will see a tutorial of how to enable the Health Check feature and also a demonstration of the Health Check feature in action.

For the purpose of this video demonstration we use a simple “typo” in one of the vLAN IDs in order to simulate the Health Check issuing a warning in the vSphere Web Client due to the misconfigured vLAN ID.

For additional information, see VMware Knowledge Base article Enabling vSphere Distributed Switch health check in the vSphere Web Client (2032878).

Stay tuned for more videos which will become available as the week progresses.