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VMware vSphere Tech Preview – Distributed Storage

This is the last video for today, but it is a special one indeed.

Note: This is a video of a Technology Preview.

VMware made some significant announcements around its storage direction at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco last month.

One of the announcements was about a new feature, Distributed Storage – basically the ability to take ESXi hosts with just local storage and build a distributed datastore across all hosts in the cluster. There are so many neat features attached to this, such as its scale out capability, the ability to have compute-only nodes in the cluster ,and the introduction of Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) to define virtual machine storage requirements such as performance and availability in the form of a profile.

There is so much more to Distributed Storage than that, of course.

In this video, we have Cormac Hogan (Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware) discuss and demonstrate some interesting aspects of this new feature.

Cormac touches on:

  • Scale Out Storage
  • VM Storage Profile Creation
  • Provisioning a VM using Storage Profiles
  • vMotion
  • Resilience

We have worked with Cormac on several video tutorial projects in the past, so naturally we were delighted to work with him again on this really cool and interesting video topic. In fact, we  are working on a few new video tutorials in coordination with Cormac relating to the VSA or vSphere Storage Appliance which we hope to make available for your viewing pleasure at some point in the next two weeks…so watch this space!

For now,  you can get more information about this over at Cormac’s blog post.

For those of you heading to VMworld 2012 in Barcelona in October, Cormac highly recommends attending session INF-STO2192. For those of you who cannot make VMworld, Cormac highly recommends watching this video :-).