Here is the second of our vCloud Director-related videos for today.

In this second video tutorial, we have our good friend Duncan Epping (Principal Architect within the VMware Technical Marketing team who focuses on Cloud Infrastructure) providing a demonstration of VMware vCloud Director 5.1 deployments in under 10 minutes through software-defined datacenter services.

Duncan owns and manages a personal blog, Yellow-Bricks, and would certainly be worth following on Twitter.

Duncan is currently attending VMworld 2012 in San Francisco. So, if you are in the vicinity, go ahead and send a Tweet to Duncan and see if he will be able to meet up with you so you can pick his brain…he certainly has a lot of valuable nuggets of wisdom floating around in that brain of his!

For more information relating to this video, head on over to this post on Duncan’s Yellow Bricks blog.

Enjoy the video!!