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Hello again everyone and welcome to my seventh post in our series The Support Outsider, a look into VMware from the point of view of an outsider (that's me), Intern Moses Masih.

Moses MasihThis week I will use this idea to tell you about how I was able to start development in Drupal by simply downloading a pre-built virtual machine which was already fully configured and ready to develop.

This past week I was researching some web and CMS development tools to learn some new development techniques and Drupal came highly recommended by some colleagues here. My team uses it to develop custom web applications. I learned I could get one of these pre-built vms from VMware's Solutions Exchange (VSX) ( which is VMware’s online virtualization marketplace. Wow, what a place! There are many virtual appliances and solutions available in VSX, so if you haven’t been there already it is definitely worth looking into. No installing of applications, supporting databases, and web servers; it's all done!

The BitNami Stack virtual machine I downloaded ( ) had a Ubuntu 10.10 Linux operating system and all the dependencies needed like Apache-MySQL-PHP and phpMyAdmin pre-configured. Talk about a time saver!

I created a new virtual machine using the VMDK virtual disk file provided in the downloaded zip file. Steps for doing this are found in the KB article: Creating a Workstation virtual machine using existing VMDK virtual disks (2010196). I made the mistake of not following the steps one by one however, and after I got so far into the KB, I notice things weren't going as expected.  Turned out to be completely my fault. Lesson learned — follow the KB, one step at a time.

I now can enjoy this new virtual machine, building my development skills instead of using my physical machine. This way, I know I won’t end up crashing my laptop by way of an accident.

Be sure to come back next week to check on my adventures as I go exploring the world of virtualization.  Thanks for your time.


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  1. Thanks for pointing me out to that idea, i will give it a try to.
    (but honestly, i’m not the *biggest* fan of drupal, though i’m willing give it a second chance for that context here)

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