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Managing VMware Workstation in My VMware

Here is the first video for today.

This is specifically for users who have recently purchased VMware Workstation and who are new to both the VMware Workstation product as well as the My VMware portal.

“If you are an experienced Workstation and/or My VMware veteran, then this video may not be for you.”

In this tutorial you will find demonstrations of several operations and tasks that can be performed within the My VMware portal which will help you to manage your VMware Workstation product licenses within My VMware.

The operations that are covered within this video are as follows:

  • Updating your My VMware profile
  • Purchasing a Workstation upgrade
  • Evaluating VMware Workstation
  • Downloading VMware Workstation
  • Registering licenses
  • Filing a Support Request
  • Viewing license keys
  • Upgrading license keys
  • Downgrading license keys

It is recommended that you view the VMware Knowledge Base article Managing VMware Workstation in My VMware (2033159) in order to get a better understanding of this video is discussing.


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