Are you ready for another video?

Well, with the recent launch of VMware Workstation 9, we have a few videos relating to that product in the works. Here is the first of those videos.

In this tutorial, we demonstrate the steps needed to configure and use WSX in VMware Workstation 9. The WSX service enables web-based remote access of your virtual machines through a web browser.

To be able to configure and use WSX in Workstation, ensure that:

  • You are on the same network as your host, to access your virtual machines.
  • You are using a modern browser that supports HTML5 with WebSockets.

The WSX service renders an HTML5 web page that can connect to your Workstation hosts or ESX host, enumerates the available virtual machines,and allows you to power on the virtual machines and interact with the desktop.

For more information, see VMware Knowledge Base article Configuring and Using WSX in VMware Workstation 9 (2033641).