Will VMware Fusion run on OSX Mountain Lion?

Rick BlytheIf you’re a Mac user you probably were eager to download and install the latest iteration of Mac OSX, labelled Mountain Lion. If you’re like me, you paid your $20 bucks, waited for the download to complete and the minute it did, you launched the installer without any thought to what applications you might be breaking. I’m as guilty of this behavior as the rest, and as soon as my machine rebooted, there it was staring at me on the dock — a VMware Fusion launcher with a big overlay on top of it apparently indicating this application will no longer run.

Good news! The VMware Fusion team was well prepared and had an FAQ posted in their blog: VMware Fusion and OS X Mountain Lion FAQ. Following the instruction in the FAQ I was happily able to run Fusion after I got the latest version installed. Knowing that there are other people out there like me, I got busy tweeting and sharing this FAQ.

Thanks VMware Fusion guys, I can get on with my day now.


***UPDATE: there is now a KB article on the subject: VMware Fusion compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8) (2032208)


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  1. hahah, pretty funny article there. Also very helpful. Although I tried registering with vmware, and to me, it seems like I have to be an employee with them? They were asking for job titles and roles under registration…

  2. Well done sir. I don’t normally work with Mac’s, however when the President of my organization proudly told me after my sick day used this year (Aug 1st) “while you were out I upgraded my Mac Book Pro to Mountain Lion”. and “oh VmWare Fusion is broken and I can’t vpn in. My heart sank.
    So I google it, and poof your website and article show up. The sky parted and the trumpets roared!! Halleluiah!!!
    Thank you for taking time to compile this useful article. Saved my lots of time, and also makes me look so good. I wonder if Scotty used the internet……

  3. Excellent post! Saved me from a heart attack! I did EXACTLY what you did, paid my $20 and upgraded to mountain lion only to get the dreaded error message saying that VM Fusion couldn’t run on my computer. thank God for Google and thank God for your post! now I can sleep tonight! 🙂

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