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Social Media and the My VMware Launch

Aside from writing this blog my duties include monitoring social media and engaging with our customers for things that involve VMware Shared Services. That includes the conversations going on around the launch of My VMware.

The launch is going really well considering the sheer size of this portal. I heard someone say My VMware is one of the biggest B2B sites in the world!

Social Media can work for you, or work against you. It can be like trying to tame a wild Mustang. Things spread like wildfire. I saw one tweet show up today about a funny browser issue when trying to log in to My VMware.

I knew instantly what the problem was in this case. He needed to clear his browser cache, but suddenly I had to work at lightning speed to get ahead of this. Someone retweeted. Somebody else posted the video on YouTube! This had the makings of going viral, and fast!

Everywhere I followed, I commented with the fix. I tweeted to the original poster to try the fix. I'd need to wait for his reply. I needed to reply to every tweet now talking about this quirk.

For a while, I thought it could run faster than I could, but then the original poster answered!

  • If your MyVMware button moves around (see video), just clear your cache & works like a charm! Thanks @VMwareCares http://t.co/HheqyUJi
  • Worked great. I've updated my post to include your quick response and the fix! Thanks! You guys are doing a great job!

YES!! Now social was working for me. The answer was being spread as quickly as the problem had. Not only was the whole thing blowing over and our customers having a good chuckle over it, but in the meantime, I got our Knowledge Base Team writing up an official KB article, which is already published. I have to brag – we are a truly incredible team.

See: My VMware log in button on vmware.com moves when you try to click it 2018745