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Creating a Fedora 16 virtual machine in VMware Workstation 8.x

If you are a VMware Workstation 8 user and are a fan of the Fedora 16 operating system, then you may be interested in this video tutorial which discusses and demonstrates the processes regarding how you can install Fedora 16 as a guest operating system in a virtual machine running on VMware Workstation.

This video shows the process for performing a manual install as well as demonstrating how the Workstation Easy Install feature can automate some steps in the installation process for you.

The Easy Install feature in Workstation 8.0.1 and earlier was not compatible with Fedora 16 so if you are running a version of Workstation prior to version 8.0.2, then you will have to perform a manual installation as the Easy Install process will not work.

Well, enough talk, here is the video. If you require additional information be sure to check out VMware Knowledge article Creating a Fedora 16 virtual machine in VMware Workstation 8.x (2011162)