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Fusion 4 is here!

After years in the making, and months in the testing, Fusion 4 is here! The development team is excited, the support team is excited, and the knowledge management team is dedicated to providing you all the information you need.

Judging by the huge load we’re seeing on our Knowledge Base servers, and our download servers, you’re as excited as we are – if not more so. We know the servers a little slow right now, and we ask you to bear with us. Just like the Super Bowl, everyone is doing the same thing at the same time.

There are a few topics that we keep getting asked about. We do have an article with VMware Fusion 4 sales, licensing and compatibility FAQs, but these questions are being asked frequently enough that they’re worth revisiting … and even expanding on.

Upgrade pricing: The current price for Fusion 4 is $49.99 USD. That price is for everyone: new customers, old customers, academic customers and upgrade customers. The price will go up at the end of the year.

Subscription pricing: If you have a subscription to Fusion, your complimentary license should be available sometime in October. Once again, I don’t know when, sorry. (I’m more of a technical guy than a marketing guy.) If you have not received your license key, you can use this VMware Fusion 4  evaluation license key to activate your product:  5002M-99H13-M82Y2-AR9R0-1HXJH. This evaluation license key expires on Oct 31st, 2011.

Download troubles: If you’re having trouble downloading Fusion, it might be just because the servers are slow. You might also be running into trouble with the download site’s Download Manager – try the option to “Use Web Browser”, instead.

Support for Lion and Mac OS virtualization: Fusion 4 was built to run on OS X.7, and fully supports Lion hosts. Fusion 4 runs just fine on Snow Leopard -  OS X 10.6.7 and above. Fusion 4 also supports running Lion Client, Lion Server, Snow Leopard Server, and Leopard Server in virtual machines. Our press release spells it all out.

Support for Windows 8: While Windows 8 isn’t officially released, it seems to work well so far in VMware Fusion 4. While we don't support a new operating system until it is officially released, feel free to have fun with it today. We look forward supporting Windows 8 when it is officially released.

Error when installing VMware Tools or the bundled antivirus: The light version of Fusion doesn’t include VMware Tools for Linux distros, early versions of Windows, or the bundled McAfee software. Download the full version and you should be all set. For more information, see Fusion 4 VM shows error: Could not find component on update server (2006784).

To round off this article, and give you a little more reading, here are the top KB articles that are most likely to be useful to you right now:

  1. VMware Fusion 4 sales, licensing and compatibility FAQs (2006208)
  2. Licensing VMware Fusion (1015444)
  3. System requirements for VMware Fusion (2005196)
  4. Overview of new features in Fusion 4 (2005709)
  5. Moving from Fusion 2 or 3 to Fusion 4 (2005070)
  6. Downloading and Installing VMware Fusion (1005466)
  7. Creating a Mac OS X Server virtual machine (2005793)
  8. Installing Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) as a virtual machine in Fusion 4 (2005334)

Oh, and I almost forgot one thing that I find very exciting. For the first time, the VMware Fusion Help and the Getting Started with VMware Fusion guides are online! Have a look at our shiny, brand new VMware Fusion 4 Documentation Center.


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