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Social Support news from VMworld 2011

Here we are, already into day 3 at VMworld; one thing is for sure – time flies!

We've had steady traffic stopping by the Social Support booth too. Not everyone is aware of all the things we do besides the Knowledgebase. We saw some eyes open wide when they heard about our KBTV videos, and the @vmwarekb feed of KB articles as they are published was received with a 'cool'!

We've had many customers approach us to thank us for the Knolwedgebase and relate how they never need to open support tickets with so much great self-help content there.

On the other hand, one customer complained that his company blocks access to YouTube, so he could not watch KBTV. We'd be interested to know if any of our readers also run into this.  If so, please drop a comment below, and give us any suggestion you may have.

Another request from a customer was to have some way to inform customers when we know of some issue, we don't have a fix for it yet, be we're aware of of it. He said it at least gives him some confidence that we're doing something about it.

If you're at the show and haven't stopped by yet, please do, we'd love to meet you!

2 thoughts on “Social Support news from VMworld 2011

  1. yamric

    I may be a bit old school but I have an SSH tunnel setup back to my home and use that to bypass our internal firewall, and yes this is do with the blessing from our WAN Admin.

  2. Mr. X

    Yup, our company also blocks YouTube, so anything that VMware has there is blocked. (Strangely, Vimeo is *not* blocked at the current time.)

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