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vSphere Licensing Mind Map

Today's mind map has articles for troubleshooting the licensing of VMware product (enterprise and desktop alike). It is slightly different from the others we've recently posted, in that most topics are single articles rather than actual Resolution Paths. This mind map lists important licensing components and articles related to licensing topics, such as support contracts and license keys. For example, the 'Product Licensing' topic has several sub-topics like ESX 3.x Licensing, vSphere Licensing, and Desktop Licensing. For each sub-topic, you will find a list of important articles related to that area.

Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 2.44.46 PM
Click here to get the downloadable pdf file.

This mind map does feature a Troubleshooting component, and it does list some resolution paths. We have articles for issues such as missing licenses and not being able to license some of the core VMware products. It'll all make sense when you see it.

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