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Today the Support Insider brings you another new Mind Map we expect to be popular— vSphere Install & Upgrade Troubleshooting!

These interactive Flash-embedded PDFs are clickable so that you can expand sections and drill down to the problem you may be experiencing. The map is fairly large and covers a lot of topics. If you see a topic you’d like to explore, click the ‘+’. If you see an article you’d like to view, click the link icon.

This mind-map is different than some of our other mind-maps in that it is not tied to a specific Resolution Path KB article. This one covers these aspects of Install & Upgrade issues:

  • ESX/ESXi
  • Tools
  • vCenter Server
  • vSphere Client

Pick which are you are experiencing difficulties in and drill down to see how to troubleshoot it.


Download the Mind Map here>> vSphere Install & Upgrade Troubleshooting