Stephen Gardner is up today for a post about those install/un-install gremlins that sometimes come out of nowhere.

We've been noticing increased call volume related to installing VMware Workstation lately. We certainly don't like seeing this – we want you to be able to use our product, after all – so we've been looking into the issue.

We're working on some changes under the hood, but we've put together a good amount of documentation for you, too.

The newly-updated article Troubleshooting a VMware hosted product that does not install (1005027) is your one stop for all installation issues. This article is part of our Workstation Resolution Path series (all of which have been revamped and revised; more about that in an upcoming post), and walks you through all of the possible issues.

Two issues – the two biggest pain points, really – are worth highlighting here.  

MSI errors

If you run into an MSI (Microsoft installer) issue, have a look at Troubleshooting an MSI error during a VMware Workstation installation (1031302). An MSI issue is, by definition, a problem with Microsoft installer. We offer a series of tips, culled from our experience on the topic, and we also link back to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article so you can see their advice on the topic.

Uninstall woes

Many times, Workstation (or another VMware product) cannot be installed because there’s a previous installation “stuck” in the system. We've had an article about this for a long time, but we’ve gone through, updated it, corrected it, added new information, and made the whole thing easier to follow (we hope!). It’s no shorter, but it’s definitely better. Have a look: Cleaning up after an incomplete uninstallation on a Windows host (1308).

Have any thoughts on the articles? Let us know in the feedback. Otherwise, happy (un)installing!