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Update Manager Mind Map

Today we have Bryan Hornstein introducing the new Mind Map for Update Manager.

VMware Update Manager is a fantastic product. It allows you to manage and patch your ESX/ESXi hosts efficiently and automatically, in a quick amount of time. Instead of messing with clunky command-line interface commands, everything is in an easy to understand GUI. Tasks that would normally take hours to do can now be done within a matter of minutes. With a simple point and click Update Manager can do several tasks at once, freeing us System Administrators to do other things that our companies need us for.

With that being said, Update Manager can be very daunting to set up at first if you are not familiar with the product. Once Update Manager is setup there can be other issues that can cause it to fail if certain configurations have not been setup correctly, or verified. The idea behind these articles is to identify the most common scenarios Systems Administrators may run into, and how to easily fix them.

Before I get to the Mind Map, let me highlight a few of the KBs it covers. If you are having issues installing Update Manager or downloading and installing the plug-in that goes into vCenter Server, you will want to check out the following articles.

There are also other factors that can cause issues downloading the patches that are needed by Update Manager, your ESX/ESXi hosts, and the virtual machines themselves.  See this article for more information on troubleshooting those issues:

Finally, there are several things that need to be checked and certain configurations verified if you are having troubles staging, scanning, or upgrading an ESX/ESXi host. This can be the most common scenario that you will run into when using Update Manager. Firewalls and network configurations are usual suspects in issues like this. For help with troubleshooting these problems see the following articles:

To also assist you in navigating your issue to the right solution, we have created an interactive map of the problem you are having, and what articles can help you solve those issues. Feel free to browse the map, and become accustomed to some of the issues you may encounter when installing and using Update Manager. We hope you find these articles useful to helping you get your job done quickly and easy.

Here is the Mind Map.


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