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Unable to see snapshot during pool creation (VMware View)

VMware View customers, have you ever come across the problem of not being able to see the snapshot you want to use as the base image for your VMware View linked clone desktop pool?

There are a number of potential causes for this and several troubleshooting steps to mitigate it. Luckily we have a Resolution Path that covers this very problem: Unable to see the snapshots during pool creation (1029366).

Items it covers:

  • Confirm the mode of ESX used is compatible
  • Confirm the correct naming for snapshot
  • Verify network connection exists for VC and Composer
  • Confirm permissions/credentials are correct for VC user
  • Verify database is not corrupt
  • Confirm there is not an ESX/VC issue (Sys Mgmt)

The ResPath KB article covers all of these steps.

If you ever find that these steps do not resolve your issue for these two problems, be sure to add your details to the feedback section at the bottom of these KB articles. That will help us improve the quality.


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