Today we have a guest post from Support Engineer Mark Quinn, who works on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware team in our Burlington office in Canada. Mark has pioneered our expansion into SUSE support, adding a Certified Linux Administrator, Certified Linux Professional, Certified Linux Engineer, Data Center Technical Specialist, and Data Center Advanced Technical Specialist to his long list of accreditations.

Mark wanted to bring some key information to our attention, so without further ado-

The SUSE Linux Enterprise for VMware technical support team has been live since September 2010.  In preparation to provide the best support, the team has obtained Novell Certified Linux Professional certifications and even some Certified Linux Engineer certifications.

First things first, the landing page for SUSE Linux Enterprise for VMware can be found at:

There you can:

There are different tabs across this page with getting started and FAQ information. Get to know this page if you’re using this product.

What may not be clear to some is how many times can I use my activation codes for SUSE Linux Enterprise for VMware? This is by far and away our number one question right now.

The answer to this is, as many times as you wish!  More information on our Terms and Conditions are listed at:

To obtain a activation code you will have had to have obtained one of the products listed at on or after June 9th 2010.

Getting this activation code does not grant you technical support for SUSE Linux Enterprise for VMware. Support is not included and must be purchased separately.