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This serves as a reminder to many, but new readers of this blog should take notice of two tools we’ve created that extend our Knowledgebase beyond the traditional web site.

VMware Toolbar

First announced here, our browser toolbar gives you:

  • Instant access to patches, documentation, and more.
  • Built-in RSS and Twitter updates direct from Tech Support.
  • Custom search capabilities (be sure to try!).

Two versions:

  1. Click here if you use VMware Datacenter products mostly (vSphere, View, ESX)
  2. Click here if you use VMware Desktop products primarily (Workstation, Fusion)

VMware KB Mobile App

Announced back in November, our Mobile App works on any HTML5 capable smartphone. That’s iPhone and Android for sure, and more are being added each day.

Our VMware KB app gives you the ability to:

Here’s how the toolbar looks in Safari. Notice we just clicked the ‘Mobile App’ button. Up pops a window with everything you need to get the mobile app on your phone!  You can SMS the app to yourself, email it, or scan the QR code and voila!

What other tools would you like to see from the support guys?