Introducing the new VMware KB Mobile App

We have a treat for you this morning VMware users!

We’ve just launched an official mobile app for iPhone and Android phones!

Our VMware KB app gives you the ability to:

Of course, it’s FREE!

iPhone version Android version

You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but the App is actually not a native app, but rather, implemented in HTML 5 (As BlackBerry moves to support this technology on future devices, we look forward to testing compatibility). This makes it easier to maintain and available to more up and coming platforms. That’s also why you don’t install the iPhone version from the iTunes store; you merely open a URL in your browser, and then install it to your Home screen.

We hope you like this new tool and help us spread the word! Get the VMware KB mobile app now!

Likewise, if you have any suggestions for the App, leave us a comment below. We’d love to get your input!


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  1. Awesome app. Among other things I can see that I will be watching more KBTV than ever. Working on my HTC Incredible like a charm.

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