Resolution Paths

CD/DVD drives, mice, keyboards, USB devices, and printing with VMware Fusion

Another in our Resolution Paths series from Stephen Gardner, here are four Resolution Path Knowledgebase articles that will help you get all of your peripheral devices working like a charm with VMware Fusion.

Generally speaking, after connecting an external device to your Mac (or putting the disc in the drive), you just have to connect it to Fusion (or not even do that, in the case of printers), and you’re ready to use it. Since that’s not always the case, we’re here to help you out.

Our first Respath helps when trying to use your CD/DVD drive.  Problems in this area could be with Fusion, Windows, or your Mac, but we’ll tell you how to fix it. [Linux users: If you’ve encounter an error with this that we haven’t tackled here, let us know in the comments or provide feedback on the KB article!]

Here’s the CD/DVD drive Resolution Path: Making sure you can use the CD/DVD drive in a Fusion virtual machine

Our second Respath talks about troubleshooting issues with your mouse and/or keyboard in a Fusion virtual machine. The article walks you through checking your Fusion settings,  ruling out third-party utilities on the Mac and in the guest, and re-installing Tools. A second mouse/keyboard (to augment the one that’s not working or not working well in Fusion) is helpful, but not required.

Here’s the mouse/keyboard Resolution Path: Fixing a mouse or keyboard that is not working or is slow to respond in a Fusion virtual machine

Our third path looks at USB devices. We get a lot of support calls about this, but that seems to be due to the sheer number of different USB device types and makers out there. A malfunctioning USB device in Fusion could be a Mac issue, could be a connection issue, could be a Windows issue, or could be a Fusion issue. This article rules out all possibilities, with some help from the Apple Knowledge Base.

Here’s the USB Resolution Path: Troubleshooting USB device connection and functionality in a Fusion virtual machine

The fourth Respath looks at printing from your virtual machine. We have a few articles about printing already, but this path tries to bring everything together. We also provide some new information about the services that should be running in Windows (and may need a restart, which is often true even in a non-Fusion environment).

Here’s the printing in Fusion Resolution Path: Nothing happens when printing from a Fusion virtual machine


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