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Resolution Paths – What are they and why do I care?

You're all familiar with the VMware Knowledge Base, but have you ever heard of Resolution Paths? Perhaps not.

Stated as simply as possible, Resolution Paths are collections of modular steps that can be used to solve tech support issues. But they are noteworthy for some some very special reasons; reasons that I think you'll care about. Let me fill you in a bit.

Early on in VMware's history we saw a pattern in calls into support. We took a hard look at the problems causing the most calls and set out to break down the problem solving process for these problems. The result are what we call Resolution Paths.

Think of the way a tried and true expert would deal with a problem in his VMware environment. Somebody who knows how every component involved interacts with one another. Rather than taking a stab in the dark and hoping for the best, an expert makes a mental list of what is most likely to be the cause of the problem, or what is easiest to check, and begins working the list from the top. In other words, there's intelligence in not only what is checked, but in what order.

Here's a quick example: Your ESX server shows as disconnected or not responding in your Virtual Center, what do you do? We have a ResPath (short for resolution path) for that right here!

Here at the Support Insider we're starting a series to highlight new Resolution Paths we are currently working on. You'll want to watch this space 🙂 First up will be some for VMware Fusion.

We maintain a list of Resolution Paths we have completed in the VMware Communities. I recommend bookmarking all that apply to you.


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  1. Mike,
    I know the View team is working on some Res. Paths. Are there any issues in particular you’d like to see addressed?
    Let us know here, or drop me a line: my address is the standard first initial and last name at vmware.com.

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