VMware ALERT: VMware View Composer 2.0.x is not supported in a vSphere vCenter Server 4.1

There is an issue that prevents View Composer from working with vSphere 4.1 that customers need to be aware of. View Composer will not run on a 64-bit OS, and vSphere 4.1 only supports 64-bit OS’s. The release notes don't mention this and refers users to the VMware View Support page for compatibility information.

The Knowledgebase Team has prepared KB article: vSphere support for View Manager (1011292), and an alert has been placed on the View Support page to alert customers of this issue.

This Knowledge Base article will be updated if new information becomes available. If you have been affected by this, please read the KB.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you know how to spread the word to your friends and colleagues, please do so.


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  1. So really just discovered today? So this implies there was no integration testing done with View 4.0 and vSphere 4.1? I would think that would have been found pretty quick and should have been noted in the release notes at least.

  2. I agree. I am very disappointed. I searched diligently for information that said View 4 was not supported, and I did not find any, so I did the upgrade. Only after I had done it did this KB come up. Now, it is partially my fault for jumping on the upgrade so quickly, but if you knew View 4 was not going to work, that should have been documented very clearly right from the beginning. You would also think that some basic testing would have been done with View and vSphere 4.1 before the release, and then the fact that it would not work could have been put in the release notes. There is no indication of when View 4.5 is coming – it could be tomorrow, it could be 4 months.

  3. Agreed, it could be weeks it could be months. Here’s to hoping they’re busy testing View 4.5’s Composer with View 4.0 to get us all going again.
    I can’t upgrade our lab/demo environment and not have View to show people, so guess I’m stuck on 4.0 for a while – which is fine until I need to show new versions of CapacityIQ etc. which are 4.1 only.

  4. Should the internal dogfood initiative should only be testing released products or also those soon to be released?
    Seem as if there are 2 main types of shops…
    1) those that don’t upgrade until it’s been tested and baked a while in the industry. These are the more conservative teams like government, financial, bio-tech, who have a low tolerance for risk.
    2) those on the leading edge that want to be on the latest greatest. These team typically aren’t following strict change management processes and don’t have formal procedures or test environments. these smaller shops see understand that taking risks can give keep you ahead of the competition but there are also many late nights and lost weekends for the system administrators who have to clean up the mess when things don’t “work out”.
    Ask your self… does the expression “It should be fine” come up a lot in your IT meetings or discussions? If so you’re in group 2.

  5. What’s the big deal… I have the View Composer version running on Windows 2003 x64 OS with vCenter version I just had to play with getting the right combination of DSN’s 32/64bit…. I have not upgraded to vCenter 4.1 but View 2.0 does work on an x64 OS.

  6. Glad you found a successful hack. Since support for your operating system is discontinued, why worry about support for View Composer anyway.

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