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New VMware vCenter Lab Manager Video Tutorial Series!

Today we have a post about VMware vCenter Lab Manager from Graham Daly, who is a tech support engineer in our Cork, Ireland office, currently focusing on content creation.

VMware vCenter Lab Manager is an application that provides a rapid provisioning portal and image library management system to automate the setup and teardown of multi-machine software configurations. Lab Manager leverages VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter to provide virtual infrastructure resources to multiple teams, projects, and geographies from a central location.

Lab Manager is an application that operates at the top end of a 3-tier system. Lab Manager sits on top of the vCenter Server and the ESX infrastructure or in other words, VMware vSphere. This means that before you actually start installing or configuring Lab Manager, you will need to have your vSphere environment configured.

KB article (1020915) is going to act as a central location or a “one-stop-shop” for tutorial style videos which will discuss and demonstrate the various different topics/aspects of the Lab Manager product.

As new videos become available, they will be added to the article.

The first three videos in the series are:

The next videos in the series will be:

  • Managing Users and Groups within vCenter Lab Manager
  • Networking within vCenter Lab Manager

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