The Knowledgebase Team at VMware is happy to announce the immediate availability of a brand new browser toolbar:


VMware Support Toolbar
  • Instant access to patches, documentation, and more.
  • Built-in RSS and Twitter updates direct from Tech Support.
  • Live peer to peer chat lets you ask for help from other VMware experts and staff.
  • Custom search capabilities.
  • Works on IE, Firefox, Safari, and as of Feb 2011 Chrome.
  • No spyware; secure, safe, and private.

Another cool new capability the toolbar gives us is the ability to send a desktop alert to all customers with the toolbar installed. Under strict circumstances, we'd be able to popup a small window on your screen with important information. Of course, we'd never use this to spam our customers, its use would be restricted to critical messages.

Give the toolbar a try – we think you'll like it. And spread the word!

Click here to get started!