vCenter Client in Windows 7

Ever Since Windows 7 has come out we’ve been seeing a lot of customer interest in running the vSphere Client on it. The same goes for Windows 2008 R2. The trouble is, Microsoft changed the .Net loading mechanism in these releases, breaking our vSphere Client.

We have just posted a Knowledgebase article which outlines how to deal with this change and make the client work.

One caveat: watch for the warning that one of the workarounds is not officially supported.

Read: Cannot launch vSphere Client after installing in Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 (1011329).


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  1. I get a ‘You are not authorized to access this Document. ‘ message.
    Thank you for an inaccessible solution.
    It would be even MORE better for everyone if VMware would just do the sensible thing — fix the client yourself, then make it available for download, instead of posting kludgy workarounds.

  2. Thank you for fixing the link.
    I stand by my opinion that VMware should not post kludgy workarounds and should instead post fixed client software for download.

  3. I’ve been using a workaround for months now.
    Now that Win7 is final, I google it, find this post and think “finally a working client, great!”… except it isn’t.
    The workaround isn’t just unacceptable it’s also really, really old news.

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