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Installation Heavy Hitters

As promised, here is a hand picked list of top KB articles from our Install Support Team.

These articles solve a good portion of the calls that come into support, so having this list handy might save you some time.

Article # Title
1009039 Upgrading to ESX 4.0 and vCenter 4.0 best practices
1009080 Installing ESX 4.0 and vCenter 4.0 best practices
1003889 Upgrading to ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 Best Practices
5242329 How do I install VMware Tools in a Linux virtual machine on ESX Server 3.x?
1011542 vSphere Host Update Utility not available for download to upgrade standalone ESX Server 3.x to ESX 4
1003690 Ensuring your hardware is functioning correctly
1010675 Upgrading an ESX 3.x virtual machine to ESX 4.0
1004152 Changing the download location for VMware Update Manager
1010947 Installing vCenter Update Manager 4.0 best practices
1010574 VMware support for USB devices used for installing VMware ESXi 4.0

Next up will be OS issues.


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