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Going Daily

We are contemplating a change to provide more frequent updates to this blog, daily rather than weekly.

Any comments from you, our readers? Yay or Nay?

Any other comments/requests while you're here?


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  1. More info is allways better BUT please make sure you don’t dilute quality, rather skip a day or so

  2. I prefer weekly, but daily is fine if you maintain separate sections for the different product lines/categories. This will allow me to focus on the area I focus on. I’d like to see a section on vSphere, Player, Server, Workstation, Support, VDI, etc.

  3. I don’t know if a daily update is necessary, but more than once a week would be helpful.

  4. I’m OK with weekly updated, but if there is a critical issue I would like exceptions made so that there is notification ASAP.

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