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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 6/8/2007

VMware ESX Server Knowledgebase Articles:

Server Cannot Boot into the Linux SMP Kernel from the Service Console for Debugging (1605)
I want to boot into the Linux SMP kernel from the service console for debugging, troubleshooting, or other maintenance work. Why can’t my server boot into… Published Date: 6/8/07

Solaris 10 Guests with SMP May Hang When Powering On (4484334)
Why does my virtual machine, which has a Solaris guest operating system, hang when I power it on? Solaris virtual machines with virtual symmetric multiprocessing enabled may fail to… Published Date: 6/8/07

Memory Allocated to Red Hat Linux on an AMD Kernel is not Available (630279)
The AMD kernel that is shipped with Red Hat does not support Physical Address Extension (PAE). As a result, virtual machines running Red Hat Enterpise Linux 3 U3 on AMD… Published Date: 6/8/07

Windows XP SP2 Virtual Machine Fails to Boot (Can Only Boot in Safe Mode) – Error: "NOT_IMPLEMENTED vmcore/vmm/main/busmem.c:984" (1000656)
XP SP2 VM fails boot kbpromoted You installed Windows XP SP2 on some virtual machines, but can boot them only… Published Date: 6/8/07

tcpdump Captures Only Out-Bound Traffic when There Are Multiple Uplinks Per Portgroup (1000880)
Follow these steps: 1) Create a service console portgroup named COS_tcpdump. a) Connect to the ESX Server host using VI… Published Date: 6/7/07

Installing ESX Server 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 on Sunfire V40Z Server with Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors (1000427)
Follow the steps below to perform ESX Server 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 installation on the Sunfire V40z servers: 1) Go into BIOS setup by pressing F2… Published Date: 6/7/07

Adding Space to an ESX Server Virtual Disk (994)
How do I extend or expand the size of a virtual disk in ESX Server? The command-line utility vmkfstools offers this function. Refer to "Using vmkfstools" in the… Published Date: 6/7/07

Dealing with iSCSI I/O Errors and Rejected Logins on iSCSI LUNs/Targets That No Longer Exist (1000678)
My ESX Server host is accessing some LUNs from a supported iSCSI array. In the VMkernel logs, I see numerous errors related to rejected session… Published Date: 6/5/07

Unable to Start Virtual Machine on ESX Server 2.x Hosts Managed by VirtualCenter 2.0 (8194300)
VMware recommends the following workaround until a fix is available in a future release of VirtualCenter. Step 1 – Change the virtual machines to be… Published Date: 6/5/07

ESX Server 2.0.2 Patch ESX-1000271:No lspci Entries for Devices Assigned to VMkernel (1000271)
The devices allocated specifically to VMkernel show up correctly in the management interface (Startup Profile > System Configuration) or when the… Published Date: 6/4/07

Other VMware Products Knowledgebase Articles:

Invalid Search DN message received when configuring ACE Management Server to use LDAP authentication. (1000993)
You might not have your Active Directory (AD) domain configured for enough groups. Use the Windows AD tool, ntdsutil.exe (included with… Published Date: 6/8/07

Confirming LM Tools Is Installed in a Guest (10134)
tools, lm tools, install For Windows guests: 1) Go to Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs. 2) LM Tools should be listed as an installed program. For Linux guests: Log in as root and… Published Date: 6/8/07

My Computer Does Not Hibernate and I Receive the Error Message, "Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API" (1000059)
This problem occurs because the Windows kernel power manager cannot obtain the memory resources that are required to… Published Date: 6/8/07

The IP Addresses in Instance View and Help Desk Are Out of Order (1000166)
IP addresses in Instance View and Help Desk are sorted alphabetically, not numerically. For example, precedes The IP addresses in Instance View and… Published Date: 6/7/07

Pocket ACE Performance Issues (1000197)
Use a device with the following speed ratings and driver-support specifications: · USB 2.0 driver support · USB 2 high-speed certification (USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 "full speed" devices do not meet this criterion.)… Published Date: 6/7/07

Problems Occur if You Unplug a Pocket ACE while the Pocket ACE Is Running (1000196)
Do not unplug a Pocket ACE while the pocket ACE is running. Pocket ACE behavior is unpredictable if the device is unplugged while the instance is running. Be sure to… Published Date: 6/7/07

Migrating a Lab Manager Environment (1000200)
You may have a Lab Manager environment that you wish to migrate. For example, you have been conducting a proof of concept and now want to migrate the Lab… Published Date: 6/7/07

Advanced disk usage and setup options (1000356)
During packaging ACE creates a full clone of the virtual machine disk. The default clone uses sparse, compressed, split disks (maximum 2GB extents, smaller if packaging for media that is… Published Date: 6/6/07

VMware Server RPM Installation Modified the /etc/services File Security Context on SE Linux (986026)
You can determine whether the RPM installation of VMware Server incorrectly modified the file security context of /etc/services by checking… Published Date: 6/6/07

Problem Installing VirtualCenter 1.4 with Web Service (1000644)
If you don’t need Web service, deselect this option and try the installation again. If you need Web service: In some cases, you might need to uninstall IIS from the Windows host on… Published Date: 6/6/07

Visual Studio Integrated Virtual Debugger Can Debug Only One Project at a Time (1000752)
If you select multiple projects as debugging targets, the Visual Studio Integrated Virtual Debugger chooses only the first one on the list. Visual Studio,… Published Date: 6/6/07

VMware ACE Licensing Scenarios (1000650)
An ACE Administrator, Jane, has a licensed copy of Workstation 6 with the ACE Option Pack (WSAE) installed on her PC. She creates an ACE virtual machine using the ACE features including Policies, Package… Published Date: 6/6/07

Pocket ACE Is Storing Session Data on a Remote File System and Displays the Error Message, "This Pocket ACE may have reduced performance." (1000065)
In your preference file, set pref.roamingVM.cacheDir to a directory on your local system. The… Published Date: 6/5/07

Black Virtual Machine Console Appears when Viewing ActiveX Control in Lab Manager Interface (10233)
The most common cause of this problem is that the ActiveX control does not have routable access to the VMkernel on all ESX… Published Date: 6/5/07

VMware HA Configuration Errors after VirtualCenter Server Update (1000780)
When VirtualCenter Server software is updated, corresponding VirtualCenter Agents are automatically updated on all ESX Server hosts in the inventory. For ESX Server hosts that… Published Date: 6/4/07