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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 5/4/2007

Host Power Management Causes Problems with Guest Timekeeping (Windows Hosts) (1227)
This article applies to Windows hosts running: · Workstation 4.0 and higher · GSX Server 2.5.1 and higher · VMware Server 1.x For Linux hosts running… Published Date: 5/4/07

Cleaning Up after an Incomplete VMware ACE Uninstall on a Windows Host (1526)
This article covers procedures for cleaning up after an incomplete uninstall of a VMware ACE package on an end user’s computer. If you need… Published Date: 5/3/07

Cleaning Up After Incomplete Uninstallation on a Windows Host (1308)
This article describes the procedures for cleaning up after an incomplete uninstallation of various VMware products, including VMware ACE Manager on an administrator’s computer…. Published Date: 5/3/07

Understanding VI3 Licensing: Server- and Host-Based Licensing Models (1013698)
This article explains the differences between various types of licenses that may be required for a VI3 installation. Note: For a list of all articles about VI3 licensing,… Published Date: 5/1/07

ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-6530518: OpenIPMI Driver Update (6530518)
Applicability This patch is for ESX Server 3.0.0 only. For the related patch for ESX Server 3.0.1, please refer to http://www.vmware.com/download/vi/esx-1271657-patch.html . Anyone… Published Date: 5/1/07

PDF Document Page Content Does Not View within Firefox Browser (10205)
You encounter this problem when using the Firefox browser to view content that links to pages within a PDF document. The problem does not occur for full PDF documents linked… Published Date: 5/1/07

VMkernel Fails to Detect Some IBM xSeries NUMA Systems, Causing Timing Issues (10114)
On some newer IBM xSeries NUMA machines, the VMkernel does not detect that there is a separate bus clock for each node and incorrectly assumes a global clock…. Published Date: 4/30/07

Using 2Gb Fibre Channel Drivers on ESX Server 3.0.1 (1560391)
To determine which Fibre Channel drivers are installed: 1) Use the command vmkload_mod -l to determine which drivers are installed. 2) Review the command output. 4Gb drivers are indicated… Published Date: 4/30/07

Changing the IP and Gateway Address of the Service Console in VI3 (4309499)
This article describes how to change the service console IP address, gateway address and hostname on your ESX Server 3.x host. Changing the IP for the service console must be… Published Date: 4/30/07