esxupdate Fails with Package Downgrade Warning (10230)
Do not use the –force option to downgrade packages when using esxupdate. This will cause the newer
RPM to be downgraded to the older version, potentially neutralizing previously-applied… Published Date: 4/27/07

Changing the IP Address Used by the Service Console of the ESX Server System (1919)
How do I change the IP address used by the service console of my ESX Server system? To change the IP
address, follow these steps: 1) Determine the interface name… Published Date: 4/27/07

Configuring HA Task Fails or Virtual Machine Failover Does Not Happen (2259)
VMware HA has a limit on the size of Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or short host name. If the
FQDN or the short host name is too long, virtual machine failover may… Published Date: 4/27/07

Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) Length Limit is Changed in ESX Server 3.0.1 and VirtualCenter 2.0.1 (1000064)
In the ESX Server 3.0 and VirtualCenter 2.0 release, you were limited to 29 characters for the FQDN. If
the FQDN was longer, the HA… Published Date: 4/27/07

System Crash on Windows 2003 SP1 Appears When I Mount Volumes (2267)
I’m running Windows 2003 SP1 or R2 as a guest operating system and have observed system crashes during
disk mounting operations. It also happens during volume mounting… Published Date: 4/27/07

ESX Server 2.5.4 Patch 7 ESX-1000068: An Error Is Displayed when Attempting to Install the VMware Remote Console for Windows (1000068)
For Windows users who have installed ESX Server 2.5.4 Patch 7 (build 44615), the VMware Remote Console
for Windows… Published Date: 4/27/07

Looking Up Your VMware Workstation Serial Number (1000069)
1 Order Confirmation Email The Workstation serial number is listed in the order confirmation email you
have received for your Workstation purchase. 2 VMware Account Workstation serial numbers… Published Date: 4/27/07

Creating a New Virtual Machine (312)
This is covered in the documentation. For ESX Server 2.5.x users, please follow the instructions
at: For ESX Server 2.1.x users,
please follow… Published Date: 4/27/07

Obtaining a VMware Converter 3.0 Enterprise License (1000041)
Please follow the instructions below to activate and generate your VMware Converter Enterprise license.
To generate your VMware Converter 3.0 Enterprise License: 1) License Activation… Published Date: 4/25/07

Configuring Tape Drives and Media Changers on ESX Server 2.x Systems (1997)
Add the hardware as usual to the chassis. Once the hardware is physically added, log in to the ESX Server
system’s management interface as root, and make the hardware… Published Date: 4/24/07

Security Response to RHSA-2007:0095, “Critical: krb5 security update” (1000026)
What is VMware’s response to RHSA-2007:0095, “Critical: krb5 security update”? The update fixes the
following issues described at the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures… Published Date: 4/24/07

Converter Failed to Complete with “Unknown error returned by VMware Converter Agent” (306818)
Verify the snapshot driver has loaded. 1) Check if the stcp2v30 driver has loaded on the remote source.
On the command line, run: net start stcp2v30 Note:… Published Date: 4/23/07

Microsoft Clustering Using Virtual Guest Tagging (VGT) (9413024)
VGT for the heartbeat is not supported. Use either vmxnet or a trunked VLAN for the heartbeat. When
attempting to create a Microsoft cluster using VGT for the heartbeat, the cluster… Published Date: 4/23/07