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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 4/20/2007

ESX Server Host and Virtual Machines Hung after Clicking the Rescan Button to Scan for New Storage Devices (10229)
While running ESX Server 3.0.0 or 3.0.1, some systems experience a hang of between two to five minutes during a… Published Date: 4/20/07

USB Keyboard or Mouse No Longer Functions on PowerEdge 6850 (2139)
My USB keyboard and mouse are not functional during or after installing ESX Server 3.0 on a Dell PowerEdge 6850 server.
What can I look at to troubleshoot this problem? … Published Date: 4/20/07

RHEL4 U3, RHEL4 U4, SLES9 SP3, and SLES10 File Systems Might Become Read-Only (51306)
VMware has uncovered a problem with RHEL4 U3, RHEL4 U4, SLES9 SP3, and SLES10 virtual machines running on SAN or iSCSI storage.
File systems could become… Published Date: 4/20/07

Finding the Publish Date of a Knowledge Base Article (4929240)
Is there a way to see when a KB article was last revised or published? The last published date appears at the bottom of the
article text. New security articles also include a last… Published Date: 4/18/07

Testing the Physical Memory of the Host or Console Hardware (831)
You can use a free program called memtest to test your physical memory. You can download the program from http://www.memtest.org.
The zip file contains the image, the small utility… Published Date: 4/16/07