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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 3/02/2007

Collecting Log Files for VirtualCenter 1.3.1 or Later (1935)
After I opened a support request with VMware Technical Support, a support person requested log files for
my VirtualCenter system. How do I collect these log files for VirtualCenter… Published 3/2/07

ESX-3199476 Patch for ESX Server 3.0.1 (3199476)
Resolved Issues This patch addresses the following issues: Under certain conditions, vmxnet
shutdown led to a Microsoft stop error Adds support for using Microsoft Clustering Server
(MSCS) with Windows… Published 3/2/07

ESX-9865995 (9865995)
Resolved Issues This patch addresses the following issues: Adds support for Sun StorageTek 25xx arrays
Adds MSA_VOLUME to the list of arrays that return an inconsistent serial number in inquiry page 80 The
following RPM is… Published 3/2/07

Remote Console Disconnects from Virtual Machine (1720)
Why does my remote console session disconnect from the virtual machine, especially when the contents on
the virtual machine’s screen change rapidly? The most likely cause of this problem is… Published 3/2/07

2007 U.S. Daylight-Saving Time (DST) Extension (8695824)
Extended daylight-saving time (DST) in the United States will begin in March 2007, to comply with the
Energy Policy Act of 2005. Spring forward will start three weeks earlier
(March 11th, at… Published 3/2/07

I/O Performance of the Adaptec AIC 7890/7891 HBA Can Lead to ESX Server Failure (2166)
How do I compensate for the default lower I/O performance of the Adaptec AIC 7890/7891 HBA? On some ESX
Server systems, the aic7xxx driver detects the Adaptec… Published 3/1/07

Collecting Lab Manager Logs (4637378)
Where do I find and how do I collect log files for Lab Manager? To collect Lab Manager log files,
use the Collect Support Information feature: From the main menu, choose Settings . Click the Support
Link tab…. Published 3/1/07

ESX Server Support for Microsoft Clustering Service with Windows 2003 SP1 (2021)
Is Microsoft Clustering Service (MSCS) in Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) supported with VMware
ESX Server? Windows 2003 SP1 introduced a change that resulted in… Published 3/1/07

VMotion CPU Compatibility Requirements for Intel Processors (1991)
Why am I unable to migrate virtual machines with VMotion across Intel Processors? To ensure
production-system stability during migration with VMotion, VirtualCenter requires source… Published 2/28/07

VMotion CPU Compatibility Requirements for AMD Processors (1992)
Why am I unable to migrate virtual machines with VMotion across AMD processors? To ensure production-system
stability during migration with VMotion, VirtualCenter requires source and… Published 2/28/07

Migrations with VMotion Prevented Due to CPU Mismatch—How to Override Masks (1993)
How do I override VMotion compatibility restrictions for CPU mismatch? By default, VirtualCenter allows
migrations with VMotion between compatible source and… Published 2/28/07

Using 2GB Fibre Channel Drivers on ESX Server 3.0.1 (1560391)
ESX Server 3.0.1 is installed with 4GB Fibre Channel drivers by default. However, the following conditions
require you to roll back to 2GB Fibre Channel drivers, which are available on the… Published 2/28/07

While Booting an ESX Server 3.x System, Distributed vmfs Locking Might Not Work (6642906)
On boot up of ESX Server 3.x, the following messages appear in vmkwarning :
vmkernel: 0:00:00:30.303 cpu0:1024)WARNING: NMI: 175: failed… Published 2/27/07

Requirements for Running VirtualCenter with MS SQL 2005 (6565318)
VMware has tested and certified Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP1 for use with VirtualCenter Server 2.0.1.
This configuration requires the VirtualCenter Server database login to be the… Published 2/27/07

VMotion CPU Compatibility, PERF_MSR Extended-Feature Bit, and Intel Dempsey (and subsequent) Processors (4893083)
Dempsey (and subsequent) Intel processors have bit 15 (PERF_MSR) set in their extended features. For
VMotion to occur between Dempsey… Published 2/27/07

Non-administrator users cannot save changes to VMware Tools Scripts (2978408)
Non-administrator users cannot make changes in VMware Tools scripts ( VMware Tools Properties > Scripts ).
If a non-administrator user attempts to make changes in VMware… Published 2/27/07

Cannot Find the VMware Tools CD (731)
I cannot find the VMware Tools CD. Why didn’t I get this CD as part of my purchase? The installers for
supported guest operating systems that have VMware Tools are packaged in VMware products as
ISO image… Published 2/27/07

VMware Time Sync and Windows Time Service (1318)
What tool should I use to synchronize a Windows guest operating system with real time? Does the Windows
Time service work in a virtual machine? The most accurate way to keep guest operating system… Published 2/27/07

Cloning an ESX Server Virtual Machine (935)
What are the best practices for cloning a virtual machine on ESX Server? Note: This article was written
and tested with VMware ESX Server 1.5. Although you can use the steps in this article as a guide… Published 2/27/07

Large I/Os Are Split into 64KB Units When Using LSILogic Driver (9645697)
In Windows virtual machines using the LSILogic driver, I/Os of a size larger than 64KB might be
split into multiple I/Os of a maximum size of 64KB. This might adversely affect… Published 2/26/07