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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 2/23/2007

License Server Directory Support for Simplified License Management (7252734)
Manually editing a single vmware.lic file to accommodate multiple VMware products is error-prone. Beginning with VirtualCenter
2.0.1 Patch 2, License Server can use a… Published 2/23/07

Manually Setting Cluster IP Address for Clustered VirtualCenter Server (2195771)
When installed on Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) (or other clustered-Windows configuration), VirtualCenter disseminates
its node IP address rather than the cluster’s IP… Published 2/23/07

Statistics Rollup Stored Procedures—Optional Parameters (3034858)
Database stored procedures for statistics gathering have been improved with VirtualCenter Server 2.0.1 Patch 2
(and subsequent) releases. Some optional parameters (rollupLevel,… Published 2/23/07

Security Response to CERT Advisory CA-2003-24: Buffer Management Vulnerability in OpenSSH (ESX Server 2.x and 3.x Not Affected) (1616922)
A buffer management vulnerability in OpenSSH could allow a remote attacker to corrupt heap memory. This action… Published 2/23/07

Understanding VI3 Licensing: Server- and Host-Based Licensing Models (1013698)
This article explains the differences between various types of licenses that may be required for a VI3
installation. Note: For a list of all articles about VI3 licensing,… Published 2/23/07

How to Combine FLEXlm License Files (8996281)
If you have an existing license file and you purchase additional VMware products, you may need to combine
all licenses into a single file. The following information describes how to combine multiple… Published 2/23/07

Latency Disparity Slows Down Virtual Machine Console in Lab Manager (6557579)
If two users connect to the same virtual machine console, and one user is on a high latency connection
while a remote user is on a low bandwidth connection, performance can… Published 2/23/07

Installing and Configuring NTP on VMware ESX Server (1339)
How do I install and configure NTP on an ESX Server system? Beginning with ESX Server 2.0.1,
NTP is installed by default during the installation of ESX Server. See the following… Published 2/23/07

Using a Custom SSL Port When Accessing Lab Manager (8991626)
In some cases, you might want to use a custom SSL port rather than the default port of 443 when accessing
the Lab Manager application. To use a custom SSL port when accessing the Lab… Published 2/23/07

Virtual Machine Clock Reports Time Unpredictably on Multiprocessor Systems (1236)
The clocks in my virtual machines run in an unpredictable manner. Sometimes they run too quickly, other times
they run too slowly, and sometimes they just stop. What… Published 2/23/07

VMware Tools Installation Instructions (340)
How do I install VMware Tools in my virtual machine? To install VMware Tools, follow the instructions
for your VMware product below. ESX Server 3.x:… Published 2/23/07

Host Power Management Causes Problems with Guest Timekeeping (Windows Hosts) (1227)
I have a Windows host with power management features that vary the processor speed. When the host
processor speed increases, the guest clock runs too fast. Can I… Published 2/23/07

Running the Virtual Machine on an IBM x440/x445 Server or a Derivative System with a Windows Host Operating System (2040)
The clocks in my virtual machines run in an unpredictable manner. Sometimes they run too quickly,
other times they run too… Published 2/23/07

Blue Screen on Windows 2003 SP1 Appears When I Mount Volumes (2267)
I’m running Windows 2003 SP1 as a guest operating system and have observed blue screen failures
during disk mounting operations. It also happens during volume mounting operations…. Published 2/22/07

Hardware and Firmware Requirements for 64-Bit Guest Operating Systems (1901)
I want to use Workstation or VMware Server to run virtual machines with 64-bit guest operating systems.
What are the hardware and firmware requirements for the host… Published 2/22/07

Virtual Machine Can’t Load Operating System or Exhibits Other Problems After Setting Its Memory Allocation Lower Than the Recommended Value (9844716)
When you create a new virtual machine or modify a virtual machine using VI Client, and set the… Published 2/21/07

VMotion Failure of Virtual Machines Located on LUSE LUNs on HP XP 10000 and 12000 (8411304)
VMotion fails with virtual machines on VMFS3 volumes located on LUSE LUNs on HP XP 12000 and XP 10000 arrays.
Investigation attributes this issue to a SCSI-2… Published 2/21/07

Installing VMware Products on Unsupported Linux Distributions (1623)
I was not able to install my VMware product on my Linux host computer. The version of Linux I am running is
not on the list of supported host operating systems and kernels. I saw… Published 2/21/07

Linux Guest Clock Runs Slowly on ESX Server 3 (2219)
Why does the clock in my Linux guest run more slowly than real time? ESX Server 3.x (and earlier versions)
programs the physical timer hardware to deliver between 1000 and 2500 clock interrupts… Published 2/21/07

ESX Server Support for Microsoft Clustering Service with Windows 2003 SP1 (2021)
Is Microsoft Clustering Service (MSCS) in Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) supported with VMware
ESX Server? Windows 2003 SP1 introduced a change that resulted in… Published 2/21/07

Resignaturing VMFS3 Volumes That Are Not Snapshots (9453805)
I changed the Host Mode setting on my HDS storage array. This resulted in all of the VMFS3
volumes being seen as snapshot volumes by the ESX Server system and as a result, the volumes are… Published 2/20/07

Scripting API Memory Utilization Continues to Increase when Repetitively Retrieving Performance Statistics (6852678)
Applications that repetitively retrieve performance statistics might result in continually increasing
memory utilization. The… Published 2/20/07

Changing the IP Address of a Managed Server System in a Lab Manager Environment (1360208)
If you need to move a Managed Server system from one network to another network in a Lab Manager environment,
you may need to change its IP address. Changing… Published 2/20/07

Changing the IP Address of the Lab Manager Server (Moving the Lab Manager Installation) (6310337)
If you need to move the Lab Manager Server system from one network to another network, you may need to
change its IP address. Changing the IP address… Published 2/20/07