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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 2/16/2007

NOT_IMPLEMENTED Errors When Installing Netware 6.5 SP2 on ESX Server 2.1.x (1422)
After I install Netware 6.5 Support Pack 2 (SP2) or later, or the latest driver from the LSI Logic Web site, the Netware Server guest
does not start. What is wrong?… Published 2/16/07

How do I install VMware Tools in a Linux virtual machine on ESX Server 3.x? (5242329)
I need to install VMware Tools in my Linux virtual machine running on an ESX Server 3.x host. Install VMware Tools does not install
the tools in the guest operating… Published 2/16/07

Scripting API Memory Utilization continues to increase when repetitively retrieving performance statistics (6852678)
Applications that repetitively retrieve performance statistics may result in continually increasing memory
utilization. The… Published 2/16/07

Serverd on VMware Server (Windows) Crashes if Datastore Path Is More Than 247 Characters (8756926)
If you try to connect VMware Server (running on a Windows host) to VirtualCenter when the datastore path has a label with more
than 247 characters,… Published 2/14/07

Moving Virtual Disks to or from ESX Server (900)
How do I move virtual disks to or from ESX Server? You might want to move VMware ESX Server virtual disk files to
or from a VMFS volume for: Cloning or migrating a virtual machine to a different… Published 2/13/07

Error “Bad Handle 0x7B4, the handle is invalid” Occurs While Accessing Lab Manager Virtual Machine Consoles in Vista (7802162)
The following error might be returned if you are accessing Lab Manager’s user interface on a Web
browser running on… Published 2/13/07

Installation of Lab Manager Managed Server Might Fail When /vmimages/labmanager Directory Exists (9504171)
The installation of a Lab Manager managed server might fail with one of the following symptoms: The following
error might be returned during… Published 2/13/07

Security Response to BugTraq 343055: Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in OpenSSL (1167)
Is VMware ESX Server exposed by the OpenSSL vulnerability posted to the BugTraq mailing list at
http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/343055 and reported in… Published 2/13/07

VirtualCenter 1.x Cannot Read License Key File (1274)
Why won’t my VirtualCenter 1.x license or serial number work? VirtualCenter reads the license keys (serial numbers) contained
in one or more plain text files. If VirtualCenter is not able to… Published 2/13/07

Alignment Offset on EMC Arrays (2102)
On EMC CLARiiON systems, EMC recommends a RAID5 stripe alignment offset on Intel systems (Linux and Windows). This offset
is generally set to the RAID5 stripe size (64K), which allows the operating system… Published 2/13/07

Error 1720 Occurs When Installing Lab Manager Server (4104431)
The following error can occur while you install Lab Manager server: Error 1720.There is a problem with this Windows
Installer package. A script required for this install to complete… Published 2/13/07

Performance Counters Used to Generate the Disk I/O Value in Consolidation Scenarios (767926)
Which performance counters are used to generate the Disk I/O value in consolidation scenarios? On a Windows host, two
performance counters are used to… Published 2/13/07

After Installation, ESX Server 2.x Fails to Boot Due to Bad Partition Table (927)
During installation and configuration of ESX Server 2.x, I am prompted to create a partition for virtual machine core dumps.
After the initial partitions are… Published 2/13/07

Enable the Bulk-Logged Option for SQL Server Database Before Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.x. (2603739)
Are there any special requirements for upgrading a SQL Server database? When you upgrade VirtualCenter Server 1.x to
VirtualCenter Server 2.x,… Published 2/13/07

Xeon 70xx Dual Core Systems Show Only 50% CPUs in Management Interface when Hyperthreading Is Disabled (2382875)
When hyperthreading is disabled on Xeon 70xx dual core systems, the management interface shows only 50% of the
CPUs available. This is an… Published 2/13/07

VMotion Failure of Virtual Machines Located on LUSE LUNs on HDS TagmaStore USP/NSC Arrays (3408142)
VMotion fails with virtual machines on VMFS3 volumes located on LUSE LUNs on Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)
TagmaStore USP/NSC arrays. Investigation… Published 2/13/07

Broadcom Network Adapters 5700 Rev 14 and 5701 Rev 15 Stop Transmitting Under Heavy Traffic (2242)
My network adapter unexpectedly stopped transmitting data. What is the problem? Under heavy traffic,
Broadcom 5700 Rev 14 and 5701 Rev 15 might stop… Published 2/13/07

Adding Space to an ESX Server Virtual Disk (994)
How do I extend or expand the size of a virtual disk in ESX Server? The command-line utility vmkfstools offers this function.
Refer to “Using vmkfstools” in the Administration Guide VMware ESX… Published 2/12/07