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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 2/09/2007

Windows 2000 Guest Created By Using P2V Assistant Crashes with Blue Screen (1879)
I ran P2V Assistant to create a Windows 2000 virtual machine. When I boot this new guest, I get the following blue screen
error message: STOP: 0x0000001E… Published 2/9/07

Solaris 10 Virtual Machine Can’t Find 64-Bit Kernel (5336780)
On virtual machines installed with Solaris 10 update 1 and 2, cold migrating from a 32-bit host to a 64-bit host
can result in the following message at power on: Panic: cannot open… Published 2/9/07

Checking for VMware SCSI Driver (922)
My virtual machine cannot see the new virtual disks I have made during the Windows XP/2003 install. How do
I check whether my Windows Server 2003, Windows XP or Windows 2000 virtual machine is using the…
Published 2/9/07

Cleaning Up After Incomplete Uninstallation on a Windows Host (1308)
I tried to uninstall a VMware product from my Windows host, but the uninstallation failed, or it seemed to work
but I am unable to install again on the same host. What is going… Published 2/8/07

VMware Tools Installation Instructions (340)
How do I install VMware Tools in my virtual machine? To install VMware Tools, follow the instructions for your
VMware product below. ESX Server 3.x:… Published 2/8/07

SCSI Reservation Issue with Fibre Channel HBAs (4365932)
When you deploy HBAs connected to low-end storage devices with SCSI reservation enabled in a cluster-node type
configuration, you could encounter a situation whereby the Device Reset might not… Published 2/8/07

RHEL4 U3, RHEL4 U4 or SLES9 SP3 File Systems Might Become Read-Only (51306)
VMware has uncovered a problem with RHEL4 U3, RHEL4 U4 or SLES9 SP3 virtual machines running on SAN or iSCSI storage.
File systems could become read-only in the event of… Published 2/7/07

Enable the Bulk-Logged Option for SQL Server Database Before Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.x. (2603739)
Are there any special requirements for upgrading an SQL Server database? Upgrading VirtualCenter Server 1.x to
VirtualCenter Server 2.x will… Published 2/7/07

Lab Manager Activity Log is Truncated (9919808)
The activity log in the Lab Manager Web console might appear truncated and fail to display the correct number of log
entries. To address a truncated activity log In the left pane of the Lab Manager Web… Published 2/6/07

VMkernel Supports SCSI Devices on Channel 0 Only (2044)
What does the following message in /var/log/vmkernel mean? Jun 27 09:21:29 indra vmkernel: 0:00:00:29.881
cpu0)VMNIX: WARNING: ShrDev: 477: COS scsi0 channel 2 id 8 lun 0 not passed to… Published 2/6/07

Collecting Log Files for VirtualCenter 1.3.1 or Later (1935)
After I opened a support request with VMware Technical Support, a support person requested log files for my
VirtualCenter system. How do I collect these log files for VirtualCenter… Published 2/5/07

VI Client Cannot Open Remote Console Session on ESX Server 3.0 (749640)
The Virtual Infrastructure Client Console tab shows a blank screen, and the session may time out. The resulting error
message can contain the phrases “error connecting” and… Published 2/5/07

FAQ: Supported/Unsupported Devices and Configurations (1184)
have a device, operating system, or special configuration that I want to use in conjuction with VMware software.
Will it work? Here are some of the more common questions and answers we… Published 2/5/07

Error Message, ‘EXT2-fs warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsck is recommended’ (6822209)
The following error message displays on the service console: EXT2-fs warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsck is
recommended You can… Published 2/5/07

Preupgrade.pl Script Triggers a Warning When Run on ESX Server 3.0 System (538417)
When running the preupgrade.pl script to upgrade ESX Server 3.0 to ESX Server 3.0.1, I get an error message.
Is anything wrong? Because the preupgrade.pl script does… Published 2/5/07