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KB articles published (New or Updated) for the week ending 1/18/2007

Using WinSCP with ESX Server 3.0 (2082)
When I try to copy files to a file system mounted under the /vmfs/volumes directory using WinSCP, the transfer fails. Does WinSCP work on these file systems? Yes, you can successfully use WinSCP to transfer… Published 1/15/07

Rescan SAN on ESX Server 2.5.x System after Modifying the Starting Sector of a Partition (8551729)
Creating or deleting a partition using the management interface immediately after using fdisk (or a similar tool) to modify the starting sector of a… Published 1/15/07

Failed or Interrupted VMotion with Storage Migration on ESX Server 3.x Host (6522751)
My migration of a virtual machine from ESX Server 2.x to ESX Server 3.x using VMotion with storage migration failed after completing ten percent of ;the process. It… Published 1/17/07

Linux SMP and UP Modes Don’t Load the 4GB FC HBA Drivers Automatically (9081277)
If  you need 4GB fibre channel HBA drivers in the initrd images of Linux UP and SMP, you must add the driver module manually. To add this driver module into Linux UP and… Published 1/11/07

Security Response to Bugtraq 19732, "VMware ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Vulnerability" (9078920)
Bugtraq 19732 states that an ActiveX control (vmdbCOM) distributed with VMware software is prone to a buffer-overflow vulnerability. The article is… Published 1/15/07

Cluster Service Does Not Start on Node Reboot after a Crash (2899206)
For MSCS clustered virtual machines, cluster service might not start on node reboot after a crash. The failure is characterized by messages of the following type immediately after… Published 1/15/07

Repeated Characters when Typing in Remote Console (196)

When I type into the remote console, I see unintended repeated characters. What is wrong? If you are using a wide-area or low-bandwidth connection, the time delay over the network may be… Published 1/17/07

Windows 9x/ME Guests with VMware Tools Installed No Longer Suspends Using Windows Power Management (8376658)
Prior to installing VMware Tools in a Windows 98 virtual machine, Power Management Control can place the virtual machine into a suspended… Published 1/17/07

ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-9986131; OpenSSL, Python, and OpenSSH Security Fixes (9986131)
Security Fixes Please refer to KB 1107 for VMware product security alerts. This patch addresses the following security issues: A possible security issue with… Published 1/12/07

RHEL4 U3, RHEL4 U4 or SLES9 SP3 File Systems Might Become Read-Only (51306)
VMware has uncovered a problem with RHEL4 U3, RHEL4 U4 or SLES9 SP3 virtual machines running on SAN or iSCSI storage. File systems could become read-only in the event of… Published 1/12/07

Microsoft Exchange Server on a Virtual Machine Can Freeze Under Load When You Take Quiesced Snapshots or Use Custom Quiescing Scripts (5962168)
When you use VCB to take a quiesced snapshot of a virtual machine or use custom quiescing scripts to… Published 1/15/07

Network Connectivity Issues with Virtual Network Adapters in Promiscuous Mode (1557)
I’m running a network sniffer inside the guest operating system or have an application, service, or driver that puts my virtual network adapter into promiscuous… Published 1/16/07

Adding Video Resolution Modes to Windows Guest Operating Systems (1003)
How can I add video resolutions to Windows guest operating systems running on VMware Workstation or GSX Server hosts? You can modify a Windows guest operating system running… Published 1/16/07

Backing Up ESX Server Virtual Machines (1355)
How should I back up virtual machines used in ESX Server? You can find a complete discussion of backup strategies for ESX Server machines at www.vmware.com/pdf/ESXBackup.pdf . Information on compatible… Published 1/16/07

Required MPS Table BIOS Settings for ESX Server on ProLiant (1081)
HP ProLiant servers (and pre-merger Compaq ProLiant servers) require specific BIOS settings in order to be fully compatible with VMware ESX Server. Use of BIOS settings with values… Published 1/17/07

Configuring IBM FAStT Storage Server for Multipathing Failover with Clustering (ESX Server 2.5) (1548)
How do I configure my IBM FAStT storage server so that I can use multipathing with HBA and storage port failover along with clustering? This… Published 1/12/07