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VCAP for the first time


If you are going for a VCAP for the first time, you basically need to have VCP certification that corresponds to your target VCAP certification, and then take the VCAP exam. See below for the overall image of the steps. Read more...

VCAP 新規取得


VCAP を新規で取得する方は、まずは取得予定の VCAP 資格に対応する VCP 資格を取得して頂き、その後にVCAP 試験を受験という流れになります。下記がステップの全体像です。

VCP – Attended the older version course but not certified


If you have attended VMware training course before but not yet acquired VCP, and your target VCP got retired and/or would like to receive the newer version of VCP, you basically have to attend another required course for the newer version of VCP since the version of the course is too old to be used as an requirement. But, for some older version course, there is little shortcut available to acquire newer version of VCP by attending What’s New course instead. Read more...