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It has been officially announced last month that VCP is now released in year versioning, not the associated product versioning. There are VCP 2019 version already released for all solution track including DCV, DTM, NV, CMA, and DW. Please refer to the details on the official blog below.


It’s January…time for the new 2019 VCP certifications!


The VCP 2019 Certifications Are Here!


Let me add little more info with visualization based on the queries that I have received recently.


The points are;
– VCP is now with year versioning, not the product versioning
– The exam version is not the same as VCP version anymore but with product name and it’s version
– Which VCP version you’re going to acquire based on WHAT exam you pass but also WHEN you pass the exam.


Here is the example of VCP-DCV versioning.


Until this announcement, which VCP version you’re going to acquire based on WHAT exam you pass. For example, if you pass VCP6-DCV exam, you’ll earn VCP6-DCV certification. If you pass VCP6.5-DCV exam, you’ll earn VCP6.5-DCV certification.


From January 16th, 2019 as officially announced on the blog, you’ll earn VCP-DCV 2019 certification by passing either VCP6.5-DCV exam or Professional vSphere 6.7 exam which has been also already released on January 24th. Even though VCP6.5-DCV exam was used to acquire VCP6.5-DCV certification last year, it’s now an exam to acquire VCP-DCV 2019 certification. If VCP6.5-DCV exam got retired somewhere on year 2019, vSphere 6.7 exam is the only option to acquire VCP-DCV 2019 certification.


For next year in 2020, same methodology will be applied. From January 2020, vSphere 6.7 exam can be used to acquire new VCP-DCV 2020, not VCP-DCV 2019 anymore. There is also vSphere 7.0 exam planning to be released on January 2020 and this exam can also be used to acquire VCP-DCV 2020. If vSphere 6.7 exam got retired somewhere on year 2020, vSphere 7.0 exam is the only option to acquire VCP-DCV 2020 certification.


Overall schedule is something like this below. Please note that any date, and product and exam versions are just an example.


The current policy is to retire the older exam 4 months after a new version exam is released (subject to change). Please keep an eye on the retirement announcement of VCP exams. You can use older version exam to acquire VCP certification until it gets retired.


This is applied not only to VCP-DCV solution track but also to other solution track DTM, NV, CMA, and DW. However, the new 2019 exam on other solution track has not been released yet. Please refer to the official announcement above for the planned date for the exam for the according solution track.


See you at the next post!

(The above paths and requirements are as of February 4th, 2019. These can be changed without prior notice.)