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How VMware is helping Financial Services customers maximize service profitability and scale ​

Financial Services at Scale with VMware

VMware has over two decades of experience being a strategic partner and provider of advanced technology solutions for the global financial services community. In this blog, we are going to examine three customers at various places in their digital transformation and learn how VMware helped them to scale fearlessly.

Digital Transformation for Explosive Growth

Access Bank is a leading full-service commercial bank operating through a network of more than 600 branches and service outlets, spanning three continents, 12 countries, and 45 million customers.  Access Bank was at a point where it had to rethink how it procures its systems, followed by a complete modernization of an aging technology stack in order to stay relevant with existing customers and new prospects.

Access Bank turned to VMware’s vCloud Suite, Carbon Black App Control, and VMware Horizon is its’ solution to embracing cloud-based services and modern application architectures while delivering the speed and agility that its team craved. Since deploying VMware solutions, Access Bank has seen numerous benefits, with scalability being front and center. The bank now has an online loan product that disposes a loan to a qualifying customer in less than 10 seconds.

Security and stability are some of the other benefits enjoyed by Access Bank as VMware is a critical component to securing data on its private cloud for PCI-DSS compliance. As part of its transformation, the bank also has achieved infrastructure stability.

Modernizing Business with Improved Technology Strategy

Nippon Wealth Life specializes in over-the-counter sales at financial institutions and offers products and services centered on single-premium fixed annuities in foreign currencies, targeting mainly high-net-worth seniors. To prepare its IT environment to support continuous, stable development, Nippon Wealth Life launched a cloud migration project to improve its existing system and further the company’s business imperatives.

Nippon Wealth Life faced several problems with its existing IT systems, including a shortage of server resources and rising operational and maintenance costs. The company struggled with an existing, on-premises system, with constrained resources caused by a rising number of servers,

dealing with EOS/EOL for its legacy operating systems and the escalating costs of hardware and software maintenance and operations.

Nippon Wealth Life chose Azure VMware Solution (AVS) as part of a fully managed cloud migration strategy to modernize their business through technology. With AVS, Nippon Wealth Life could immediately connect its on-premises network to the cloud with zero delays and migrate without affecting existing applications.

Security Transformation with Deep Insights

The United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU) serves high-visibility clients, including U.S. senators, making the protection of sensitive data a top priority. The organization had already empowered employees with secure, digital workspaces with VMware Horizon and VMware Workspace ONE. As part of its continuous improvement strategy for infrastructure security, USSFCU is a unified solution that stretches from the perimeter to the data center, across its network and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), with granular policy controls to protect applications, services, and workloads.

With VMware, USSFCU was able to protect its brand and customer data with a Zero Trust strategy to mitigate security risk. VMware security solutions provided USSFCU the micro-segmentation it required for deep visibility into securing critical VDI resources with advanced threat protection via a single platform. This single platform approach simplified operations and automate policy management for the credit union while scaling east-west protection faster and at lower cost than with traditional, hardware-based alternatives.

See How VMware Can Help You

VMware offers customized half-day outcome-focused workshops for financial services organizations to help you determine and set achievement outcomes that meet your timelines and objectives. Reach out to your VMware representative or contact us at (INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS) to find out how you can maximize your profitability in the multi-cloud.


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