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Azure VMware Solution in Azure Government Expands Cloud Options for U.S. Agencies

Microsoft’s announcement of their public preview launch of Azure VMware Solution in Azure Government is great news for VMware Public Sector customers. Azure VMware Solution is an Azure service operated and supported by Microsoft and jointly engineered with VMware that provides  consistent VMware infrastructure and multi-cloud management capabilities in 24 worldwide Azure regions. With the addition of Azure VMware Solution in Azure Government, U.S. government customers and organizations that support them will now have greater capability to accelerate their move to the cloud in Azure regions built specifically to meet their needs. The addition of Azure VMware Solution to Azure Government is an example of the growing cloud capabilities delivered by the VMware and Microsoft partnership and demonstrates our mutual commitment to enabling our public sector customers to run and modernize VMware workloads critical to government agencies.

VMware infrastructure has long been essential to U.S. public sector agencies for the operational efficiencies and cost savings it provides. As those agencies work to become cloud smart byshifting to hybrid IT architectures, they can face expensive and time-consuming efforts to replatform or refactor applications in order to adapt their critical workloads to run in the cloud. Azure VMware Solution provides compatible and familiar VMware Cloud infrastructure on bare metal and adjacent to native Azure services to help make it easier for agencies to extend operations to the cloud and skip replatforming. Legacy and cloud-native workloads running on Azure VMware Solution become portable across VMware environments without modifications and can then be modernized leveraging hundreds of Azure services accessed over high-performance Azure backbone network connections.

Azure is the cloud of choice for many public sector agencies attracted to its scalability, reliability, and extensive service offerings. Unique Azure features like Azure Hybrid Benefit and free Extended Security Updates apply to Azure VMware Solution and make it the ideal platform for agencies looking to quickly move their Microsoft workloads running on VMware to the cloud while stretching their IT budgets.

Helping U.S. government customers adopt the cloud while preserving their investment in VMware infrastructure and operations has been a priority for us at VMware and we are excited to add Azure VMware Solution in Azure Government as a platform choice for VMware customers.

Figure 1. Run a full VMware Software-Defined Data Center on bare-metal servers in Azure Government regions.

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