Do you know where all your (virtual) ePHI is?

With the 21st Century Cures Act driving the sharing of all electronically accessible health information, detecting and analyzing ePHI has never been more important or challenging. It’s one thing to protect ePHI inside your EMR or behind your firewall…identifying and managing ePHI that is being created, received, maintained and transmitted between patients, providers, business associates and applications is a different mission altogether. That requires Situational ePHI Awareness, or SePHIA (like Sophia with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘o’) as we refer to it. And that is precisely why Tausight was founded.

As one Chief Medical Information Officer I admire puts it, the garden gates are open and patient data is flowing into the field, to clinical workflows at the edge. The days of clinicians accessing centralized data, like bees to a hive, are gone. Today, the ePHI must follow the clinicians to any point of care. And that data must be detected and managed at every endpoint, server, network and cloud store.

We are excited to announce that Tausight now supports VMware Horizon, the leading desktop virtualization solution according to data provided by Definitive Healthcare. In partnership with Tausight, covered entities running VMware Horizon can extend their clinical workspace to any point of care and benefit from Tausight’s Situational ePHI Awareness to ensure that all ePHI activity in virtual desktops – including around patient triage, care and handoffs – is identified and accounted for.

The Cures Act’s interoperability and information-sharing regulations are fundamentally changing healthcare. Traditional cybersecurity is not designed to protect ePHI and clinical workflows at the edge of decentralized, virtual care. The way we protect data has to change, too. With Tausight and VMware clinicians can focus on caring for patients, wherever that may be, and leave securing their patients’ ePHI to us.


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