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Banking on Innovation with a Digital Foundation Built on VMware

A new generation of customers and employees demands a new generation of financial services. IndusInd Bank is meeting that challenge head-on. Embracing public and on-prem cloud platforms has enabled this private bank to modernize and centralize applications that enhance service for its customers—while creating secure access for an agile, anywhere workforce. 

Creating an Anywhere Workspace 

In financial services, easy employee access has always come second to privacy, security, and consumer trust. VMware Workspace ONE™ allowed IndusInd to increase productivity and enhance end-user computing for its employees—without undermining data or secure transactions. With mobile applications built on the Workspace Software Development Kit, the bank’s employees can provide service to customers on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. 

Improving Productivity Through Operations 

By ensuring employees have access to the networks and tools they need; IndusInd also guarantees their customers are receiving responsive, top-tier service. Digital banking is supported by a VMware Cloud Foundation™ that provides a virtualized network security and storage virtualization to protect and run all its critical applications. 

Today centralized operations and real-time insights enable IndusInd’s IT teams to respond promptly to potential risks or disruptions. By improving the employee experience, allowing seamless access and surfacing actionable analytics, IndusInd Banks continually protects customer and enterprise investments. 

For mission-critical workloads, VMware Cloud on AWS allowed us to enhance the on-prem private cloud set-up, with the flexibility to scale up on demand across private clouds in AWS and on-premises, thus leveraging the capabilities of scale with consistency and availability. 

Biswabrata Chakravorty, Chief Information Officer, IndusInd Bank 

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