VMware at HIMSS 2022: Accelerate Healthcare Transformation

As always, VMware is incredibly excited to meet friends, colleagues, partners and “new friends we haven’t met yet” at HIMSS. This year VMware will be at booth #2121 – for reference, because we all know how big HIMSS is, head for the middle doors of the entrance, go alongside the Dell Technologies booth and head just one block in – easy!  

The booth will focus on three primary areas in which VMware actively helps healthcare organizations today: 

1. The shift from on-premises to a hybrid cloud infrastructure 

The multi-cloud is ready for healthcare and VMware provides the simplest path to get there utilizing your existing tools, talent and training. 

2. Empowering a hybrid workforce  

Providing flexibility for employees has become a critical tool for organizations to be able to hire and retain staff. While not every role can be remote, providing the tools to support those that can while providing a great user experience for those that can’t is a board level conversation today.

3. Delivering digital patient experiences through modern app development 

From digital front doors to digital therapeutics, we are only scratching the surface of what apps and data will deliver for patients and providers. VMware’s reach from the infrastructure to the patient’s home through apps and devices delivers a healthcare platform for innovation. 

Stop by for a conversation on how VMware can help you achieve your digital health goals. 

Live! This Week in Health IT @ThisWeekHealth 

Joining us live in the booth on both Tuesday and Wednesday will be the one and only Bill Russell with his This Week in Health IT team to host two discussion panel sessions on the topic of “Democratizing AI in Healthcare”: 

  • Tuesday 3/15 11:00 am: iCAD Accelerates Cancer Detection and Treatment with NVIDIA AI Enterprise Stack, featuring iCAD, Nvidia and VMware 
  • Wednesday 3/16 10:00 am: American College of Radiology & Rhino Health – Scaling AI Federated Learning via NVIDIA AI Enterprise, featuring Rhino Health, Nvidia and VMware 

Theater Sessions 

Once again, we have a jam-packed agenda featuring customer and partner stories and tech deeper dives. Among the guests this year are:   

It’s an exciting / daunting / overwhelming time to be in healthcare IT. New opportunities are being opened up through investment, reimbursement and funding changes that are enabling organizations to deliver on the promise of digital healthcare around the world. VMware is a trusted partner to healthcare organizations globally, helping put patient information in the hands of providers securely and reliably. Innovation is at the heart of who we are and our mission to improve the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care. 

Follow @VMwareHIT for presentation times and updates or drop by the booth. 


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